10 January

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So, today’s class was extremely interesting, but after so much thinking it’s hard to sit down and write it all out. Or even part of it. I’m trying to piece together snippets of the things I didn’t get a chance to say in class (mostly because I talked plenty as it was and no one needed to hear any more from me).

I hate to be cliché, but I want to address the question: what is art to me? I developed a somewhat squishy definition of it around the time that I stopped calling myself an “artist” because of the heavy implications of that descriptor. I believe that art is any form of expression that is produced by someone that stimulates the sense(s). I don’t think it should be any more complex than that.

My boyfriend is a coder. I tell him that I think coding is an artform and that everything he does is a work of art. He usually tells me that it’s not art because it doesn’t look good, but I think that anything that takes creative skill can be an art. That means I have a pretty broad idea of art; and I like it like that. The more vague the  rules are, the less you can get wrong- right?


And then there’s this thing about an egg, but that’s later.

I haven’t broken it though, so I’m already winning this project.


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I'm a student focusing on Digital Storytelling and Game Design. I like cats, cubes and the internet. My favourite colour is turquoise and I like to eat gummibears.

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