Fear (part 2)

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Reflection: FB chat with friend

>Are you still going downtown?

Umm.. I don’t know now. haha

>Well, ’cause I was going to go to Circle Centre and buy PKMN White at gamestop…
and, well, I just did a big presentation about fear and anxiety and I’m kinda shaky
I can treat you to dinner-ish stuff

I don’t think I am going downtown dear. I am really sorry.

>Alright, it’s OK. X3
Enjoy your evening!

Good luck getting your game

>Ah, that’s no big deal, I just wanted company. XD

Sorry I let you down!

>You didn’t! Don’t worry!
>I was just trying to figure out if anyone was already going to be in the area so I could meet up or whatever

I see

>Traveling downtown makes me a little nervous and well…I’m already nervous!
>It’s fine, I’ll do it another day. It’s not like the game is getting any more expensive. XD
>It’s alright, it’s really just a right-now kinda’ thing
>anyway, chatting with you is helping a little, thanks

You are welcome!
How did your presentation go?

>It went just fine, it’s just that the assignment was on fear and we had to do an experiment about it so I waited to go last so my anxiety would build up so I could show people what it’s like to really freak out over nothing

Ah! That was quite cleaver of you!

>It was really crazy though
>I wasn’t really that nervous, so I ate a lot of sugar and drank a lot of caffeine beforehand and that really amplified it (along with hearing other people’s presentations too)

Again, cleaver!!

>most of the people seemed pretty unaffected by it and obviously just wanted to go home
but there were a few people who really understood what I meant
>I didn’t get much of a discussion though
>I just babbled and laughed for about 25 minutes straight

haha Nice!

>do you mind if I use bits of this convo in my write-up for the presentation?

I don’t mind at all.

>’Cause I pretty much just summed up the assignment, haha

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I'm a student focusing on Digital Storytelling and Game Design. I like cats, cubes and the internet. My favourite colour is turquoise and I like to eat gummibears.

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  1. You are a very interesting person and you handle what you have yo deal with very well its some what inspring and I think we would love to see your work … for what it is just to know you better


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