Such a Banal Question

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Why am I here?

Well shit, I’m here because I am. It just sort of happened one day. I couldn’t really control it or anything. I just am.

A better question would be: Why do I continue to be here? What keeps me here? Why haven’t I left? Etc. Even though I say it’s a “better” question, it’s still pretty stupid. It’s like walking up to someone and saying “why are you still alive today?” or even more awkward “why do you continue to live and not die?”. What sort of a question is that? It’s a weird question, that’s what sort. A weird question that would get you weird looks and weird answers; or possibly just rude answers.

I don’t really have an answer, except that I feel that not being here would be a waste. I must be here for some reason or another, or else I wouldn’t be here. The Universe, I feel, is not without its reasons and logic- it’s not pointless, no matter how pointless it seems from time to time.

I also like being me.

I’m glad I’m here because I get to be me and I think being myself is pretty awesome.

I don’t think that I personally am awesome, but being able to be a person is awesome and therefore, by proxy I’m awesome too.  I guess that means everyone else is awesome as well, but I don’t really care that much- haha- sorry, selfish at heart. ❤


About kvweber

I'm a student focusing on Digital Storytelling and Game Design. I like cats, cubes and the internet. My favourite colour is turquoise and I like to eat gummibears.

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  1. Yet another insightful statement. *glows with pride*


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