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So, there’s this egg.

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And we have to do something with it. And I thought of about a billion things to do with it that would all take hours and hours of planning and preparation and work and then I thought, what the hell? It’s an egg, it doesn’t deserve that much attention. So I took it to my parents house the first weekend I went home to see what my cats thought about the whole thing. My personal tag line states:

Everything I do is the internet, and as everyone knows the internet is made of cats; therefore everything I do is cats

or TL;DR

Everything I do is Cats

That being said I thought “why reinvent the wheel?” if everything I do is cats, why can’t this egg be cats too? Now I won’t start on how ridiculous that last statement may seem to you if you don’t comprehend that “cats” in itself is a concept, instead I’ll just say shut-up and see what my cats did to this egg. [Spoiler alert: not a lot].

I discussed this project with my cats seriously before I started shooting. I laid down next to each one and looked them in the eyes and said,

“Look, I have this stupid egg here and I have to do something with it, but you know what? It’s an egg and I’m not interested in it because I can’t eat it, so why don’t you give it a go, eh? Just bat it around a little; play with it; bump it up against some walls; I don’t really care. Just make it nice and razzle-dazzle for the camera, OK? Maybe we’ll even get you on that LOLcats site you like so much, hmm? That’s front page material right there: Eggcats!”

Well, I don’t think that did much by way of exciting them to do anything with the egg, but it sure freaked ’em out. At any rate, I then went around producing the egg to each cat and taking photos of their reactions. Being cats in front of cameras, they weren’t really amused by the whole thing and mostly proceeded to avoid myself and the egg for the remainder of the experiment. I archived the photos on my PC and proceeded to be extremely nonplussed about the whole affair for about a week. Then I got the flu and I was really, really nonplussed about it. Then I took a lot of cold meds and felt magically better (alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic! ♫) and animated this in Flash because…cold meds!

This short, 15 second animation which took me almost the entire length of the FX presentation of Iron Man (yes, with adverts that are ten times louder than the actual movie) dispersed with moments of sneezing, coughing and refilling a glass of cool, refreshing Dr. Pepper (thank you Alica ♥) was probably the most fun I have had in Flash in a long, long time. My reasoning behind doing a 15 second animation?

“I’m too lazy to draw comics, lets make an animation instead”. Sure, why the hell not, over-medicated self? Why the hell not?

Only one of my cats*, Boo (his tag reads: Beware!) is not featured in the animation because he actually lowered himself to my level and humoured me by playing with the egg the day I shot the original photographs. Of course there was about 8 minutes of nothing happening first, but then he finally did something; oh, and he was perfect.

You can’t script that!

Just a few short seconds of“oh my stars, my cat did what I wanted him to” perfection.

Following that, the egg was thrown away because honestly, no one wanted it.

*our fifth cat, Fiona, is a rescued Persian who has serious problems breathing, smelling and tasting. I figured that taunting her with an egg would be rather distasteful and she would probably go and pee on my bed or something.

10 January

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So, today’s class was extremely interesting, but after so much thinking it’s hard to sit down and write it all out. Or even part of it. I’m trying to piece together snippets of the things I didn’t get a chance to say in class (mostly because I talked plenty as it was and no one needed to hear any more from me).

I hate to be cliché, but I want to address the question: what is art to me? I developed a somewhat squishy definition of it around the time that I stopped calling myself an “artist” because of the heavy implications of that descriptor. I believe that art is any form of expression that is produced by someone that stimulates the sense(s). I don’t think it should be any more complex than that.

My boyfriend is a coder. I tell him that I think coding is an artform and that everything he does is a work of art. He usually tells me that it’s not art because it doesn’t look good, but I think that anything that takes creative skill can be an art. That means I have a pretty broad idea of art; and I like it like that. The more vague the  rules are, the less you can get wrong- right?


And then there’s this thing about an egg, but that’s later.

I haven’t broken it though, so I’m already winning this project.


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My expectations for Seeing Sideways are very vague. I was urged to take this class by my advisor and several friends, so I gave in and decided to go ahead and take it. I am not 100% sure exactly what the class is…more like, maybe around 20% (and I’m being generous here).

It is my hope that this class will help spark my creativity at a time when my creative nature seems constantly rained upon by the idea that getting things done is more important than letting out my creative side. I tire myself out so quickly with these thoughts, I rarely find the time to be truly artistic; and in those aforementioned rare times I’m usually either relaxing in a bath or just about to fall asleep. Neither time is very good for writing/drawing/or even thinking straight.

Basically, I’m hoping that I can get things done and get them done creatively.