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That last class was so awesome

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I totally was not there. I bet all sorts of important revelations were made. OK, I was there but I was not there I was mostly coughing. Which I’m still doing now, so isn’t that just awesome? Influenza- hope I didn’t give it to anyone on Monday…I should not have gone to class, but I thought I was getting better, not worse!

Anyway, so rules. I’m a huge fan of rules but that’s only because I’m not a huge fan of the average stupid person. My definition of “stupid” being someone who does something even though they are aware what they are doing is not intelligent. Idiots, mostly bored ones, are the best reason to put rules down. I like to think I’m not an idiot at least 98% of the time, but when I am I’m sure rules keep me from being one for long.

Unwritten rule: Don’t dance on the tabletops at a restaurant.

Fact: Rule or not, I have always wanted to do this.

Just jump up on the table and dance around. It’s weird, it’s different it’s…well, stupid and pointless but all the same I really want to do it. In my head, the consequences outweigh the fun that I might have, so good little kitten that I am I have not once jumped onto a restaurant table and danced. But let it be known to the world, I have seriously thought about it. Probably once every year since I was about three or four.

To be honest, no one has EVER told me NOT to dance on a restaurant table, so someday I just might.