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Ahh, so I need to look over this class and what I have achieved in it- or what it has helped me to understand about myself, I suppose. That’s a big question, and as usual I have a lot of different answers for it all jumbled in my head and completely unorganized. Usually when this happens I make lists. I like lists because they are the ultimate form of organization and they allow for (often a false) sense of achievement when it comes to big projects and such. That being said, have a list.

Some Things that I Learned about things that I learned about Myself and some Things:

  1. I sleep a lot. It’s really strange to me because as a child I hated sleeping because I found it to be really, really boring. I still find it to be boring but I have also realized that without it I don’t function very well. And if my body wants to sleep, it sleeps, regardless of whether or not my brain wants to stay awake.
  2. I put myself first, when it comes to me. If I get sick, I don’t go to class. This doesn’t affect anyone but me.
  3. When I can’t concentrate I can’t retain knowledge; when I can’t retain knowledge I don’t learn anything.
  4. Half the time I take notes because writing things down helps me to remember in my head what I am learning. the other half of the time I doodle random things because doodling allows me to clear my head and open my ears to the sounds of the speakers without being distracted by things happening in the class.
  5. I like blogging, but only about myself. I don’t really feel confident in blogging about anything or anyone else.
  6. Missing class doesn’t seem like such a big deal when I look at the bigger picture. Ten years from now, who cares if I slept through animation class? As long as I learned what skills need to be learned, that’s all that will matter.
  7. I don’t think I normally talk loudly , but when everyone else is quiet I think that I talk too loudly to make up for the silence I can hear. Laughing helps fill the space too.
  8. I like to laugh, which is funny (haha) because I don’t really like to smile. Laughing is different to me.
  9. I talk about myself a lot, but it’s not because I’m totally self-centered, I’m just afraid that I don’t really know enough about anything else to have the confidence to have intelligent conversations about it (exceptions include: cats, colour theory, anime/cartoons, manga/comic books, computer programs, and various states that I have visited and countries that I have studied).
  10. I didn’t really make any friends in this class, and that is O.K. with me. I don’t really go to class to make friends, I go to class to learn. { “The classroom is a wonderful, if artificial place: your professor gets paid to pay attention to your ideas, and your classmates are paying to pay attention to your ideas”— @austinkleon
  11. I worry about money a lot. It affects me even when I don’t realize it. I think this might be part of growing up.
  12. It makes me sad that occasionally I find my own creative work tedious.
  13. I like to share my ideas with everyone, which is probably why I spend 80% of my time online.
  14. I found that I’m afraid to draw fanart because I think people will accuse me of being uncreative, but most of the time I don’t really care what they think.
  15. I know that if I don’t do anything I won’t have anything to show and that if I don’t show anything I won’t get anywhere, but I still find myself too lacking in confidence to show my work that often and when I do it’s never a serious presentation.
  16. I am my own worst critic; the things that I think you are going to say are the worst crap I ever have to take.
  17. I don’t like to take crap- and after a while I say fukkit and move on with life.
  18. I don’t dwell on mistakes because I hate monotony. I’m too interested in what’s going to happen tomorrow to worry too much about what happened yesterday; afterall it has already happened and it’s not going to change.
  19. People are mostly crazy. I think that crazy is okay in moderation, but that in contrast too much normal is unhealthy.
  20. I really, really hate the chairs that they have in IT265. They are horrible.

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I'm a student focusing on Digital Storytelling and Game Design. I like cats, cubes and the internet. My favourite colour is turquoise and I like to eat gummibears.

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